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Hockeyology is a new, data-driven approach to training and developing young, aspiring hockey players. It is based on Canadian hockey know-how, incorporating the hard won lessons and grit of experienced and passionate professionals. We use advanced diagnostics from the rink to the gym, and create customized training and development pathways. We combine this with mentorship and coaching from the best in the sport. And we do all this in a way that is accessible to every player who is passionate, wants to play, and improve their game.

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We are hard at work creating a safe, inclusive place for athletes that love the sport and want the best, most integrated experience. We have built multiple ways to learn, experience, compete, experiment and improve at the sport  of hockey. Like our state of the art media room, where Oiler's greats like Craig MacTavish breakdown technique and game strategy. Or our AI-enabled video analysis of shooting and skating skills. It may be that the key to unlocking potential is doing baseline diagnostics and quarterly strength testing and comparisons. Or it may involve equipping yourself for success with our custom hockey shop, and finding that perfect stick. Everything in Hockeyology has been curated and geared toward enhancing performance and creating community. All of it is linked by a physical place to learn and grow, and a digital experience you can take anywhere.

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